At its core Dymin offers solutions. That's why you come here, you come here to get professional consultation, expert technicians, and people who are passionate about their job telling you what you need and what you don't need. When you bring your device in you'll get fast service, you'll never wait more then thirty or sixty seconds for one of our folks to acknowledge you. The most important part of it, other than getting friendly service, is that one of the technicians will be talking to you and asking you exactly what's wrong, what you saw, and getting as much information as possible, so that we are educated about how to repair this computer. Within 24 hours you'll get a call from the service manager, they'll indicate exactly what we found, what's wrong, what it's going to take to fix it, and get your approval to move forward. When you come to pick it up it's the same experience, 30 to 60 seconds you're ready to go, the computer is clean, and you're out the door.


Managed IT is, what I tell everyone that IT is, great IT is when you never think about it. Great IT is when you come to work and you click your keyboard and you move your mouse and you go home and you just do what you do. And anything outside of that is IT that could be done better. In the old days old days would be an IT 2006, you didn't really need IT to run the business. It was an accessory it was an it was an additional thing you did. But if the IT quit working or the computer stopped you could just do other things until the computer was back working. And today that's not true, if IT is out at your business everyone comes out of their office and they go what do we do now? And so you have to have IT that works all the time, so instead of paying IT providers for fixing things when they break, instead you want to be paying IT providers to make sure nothing breaks ever. Great IT companies do it by automation and by process and that's also how great businesses are run. It is by defined process essentially putting your hooks in the network making sure that nothing can break, building it two best practices, and then monitoring that and making sure that nothing goes wrong. The experience people get or feel like is that we are internal, like we work there. I don't think anyone feels like when they contact us that we're the outsourced IT, it more feels like we're the internal IT because we know your business, we know how you operate, we know your software, you know our people we know your people, it becomes a relationship not just a service.